Civilization 5 on the way

It was announced today that 2K will be releasing Civilization 5.  A major change already announced is that the new game will jump to a hexagonal grid from the traditional square grid.  Other gameplay changes will supposedly allow more complex diplomacy and more massive wars with the ability to bombard enemy forces from behind your lines.  According to the IGN piece, the engine is being built anew from the ground up.

For those of yGreat Wall of Chinaou have never played or heard of a Civilization game, shake your head.  Civilization is a long-standing franchise that has been a hit machine since the start.  Civilization is the classic game of ‘just one more turn’ and turns an hour of gaming time before you hit the sack into a mad scramble for breakfast before you are late for work.  As the title suggest, Civilization is a game about Civilizations.  You guide a Civilization from the days of loin cloths into space (and sometimes beyond).  The game is played through whatever strategy you choose, but you must blend domestic needs such as economics, culture and religions with external actions such as diplomacy and warfare.  There is not much more satisfying than finally ‘liberating’ your enemy’s capital city as your peace-loving civilization expands across the globe to share your vision… whether they like it or not.


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