Mega Man 10 Coming in March

Mega Man 10 is coming out Mar 1 for the Wii.  It is going to get a staggered release date with Wiiware getting it Mar. 1st, PSN on Mar. 11, and Xbox Live on Mar 31st.  This is exciting news for retro game enthusiasts!  Mega Man 10 will continue the setup established in Mega Man 9 which directly continues the action of the classic games.

Forgotten HobbiesMega Man 9 came out last year to much acclaim.  The game really went back to the style of the 80s Blue Bomber games – complete with memory leaks!  It had a very authentic feel to it and really reminded me of the days when games were simple, lacked any kind of sophisticated storytelling, and were unfairly hard.  Now, that might sound horrible, but it had a very refreshing and positive feel to it.  Mega Man 9 is like the new Star Trek movie – it tries to invite a new crowd and generation to partake, while remembering the silliness and cheese that made the original so endearing.  I have yet to finish the game… that robodragon keep getting me.  Yikes!

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