War. War Never Changes.

From The Treasure Island, Las Vegas, NV 4

The teaser trailer for Fallout: New Vegas is out.  See for yourself.  The trailer looks intersting – Vegas appears like a diamond in the rough… a futuristic city of lights in the otherwise post-apocalyptic environment.  The Capital Wasteland (Fallout 3) by comparison was the ruined remnants of Washington DC and didn’t have much live within it – except the angry super mutant kind.  Good music choice, too.

Towards the end of the trailer a mysterious figure appears, standing by the flag of the New California Republic (set up in the epilogue of Fallout 1, and a visitable location in Fallout 2).  The NCR seemingly offered hope for the rebirth of civilization in Fallout’s apocalyptic world.  Is he a soldier of the NCR?  Is he the main character?  Or is he something else entirely?

I’m very excited for this game.  War.  War never changes.

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