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This year’s annual iteration of the old Canadian came of puck came out recently.  NHL has been a very succesful series the last few years.  It seems since it was revamped in 2007 (for the Xbox 360) it has improved a great deal each year.  NHL 11 is no exception to this recent trend.

Gameplay is as tight as its been the last few years, and the simulation eakes closer to replicating a Saturday night broadcast of a hockey game.  New for this year is a revamped physics engine and the results are great.  The puck bounces, hops, and strange things happen – just like in real hockey.   The crisp and perfect passes are gone, replaced with a choppier game that more closely resembles the back and forth play of NHL hockey.

As usual it’s the little tweeks that make the game different each year.  Like I said, the game has inherited a more genuine hockey feel this year.  Players miss passes, have pucks hop over sticks, and goalies will bobble the puck around leading to bizarre goals.  Added this year is goal review – sometimes the refs will go to Toronto to review a play and your high sticked goal will be called back.


Online features have been added – the new Ultimate Hockey Hockey mode is a card based system of play.  You earn points to purchase packs, which give you all kinds of unheard of players to put together a team with.  Take your team, play other teams, get more packs… you get the picture. 

Other than that, your online features read like a laundry list like any other sports game.

Solid Hockey Game

So, in general, NHL 11 is a solid addition a sportsgamer’s or a hockey enthusiast’s collection.  The game is fun, but does a good job of feeling like hockey when you play.

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