Facebook’s Inscrutable 2011 Game Picks

When we look at the list of top 10 Facebook games for 2011 we can’t help wondering if it was compiles as a purposeful jab against Zynga.

FACEBOOK FOR LEFT HANDEDNot that Zynga really deserves the time of day; after all, the company is the poster child for abusive spam that caused Facebook to revamp its walls and close down applications’ abilities to share with other users after months of Farmville ‘adopt an animal’ requests. But I digress.

The continued march of social gaming is happening despite world events – even with the crumbling financial system people are somehow finding both the time and money to keep the industry growing. For newcomers to the market, the days of massive growth (looking at Zynga, again) are gone, but there is no reason why a talented studio can’t eke out a decent living in this maturing market.

So why is Facebook’s list a big deal? For starters, it ignores monthly active user (MAU) counts in favour of “user recommendation”, whatever that means. It seems like veiled criticism of the way some publishers focus on viral interactions (and spam!) between players rather than an immersion gaming experience.

The list of games are:

  1. Gardens of Time
  2. The Sims Social
  3. Cityville
  4. DoubleDown Casino
  5. Indiana Jones Adventure World
  6. Words With Friends
  7. Bingo Blitz
  8. Empires & Allies
  9. Slotomania-Slot Machines
  10. Diamond Dash

What do you think? Should the MAUs be the key component in determining which games are the most popular? Or are user reviews the way to go?

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