Bloodborne Will Hunt You Down

The community is buzzing with excitement for Bloodborne, the Souls sequel that isn’t. One of the most anticipated games of the year so far, Bloodborne promises to deliver the best of blood, gore and horrific monsters you have come to expect from games for the PlayStation console.

Familiar Multiplayer

Ghostly apparitions show other players hacking at unseen enemies in their final moments and the paths they took before they were attacked – use them to warn of danger ahead. Other online features include a PVP element where other players invade your area and score points for killing you, plus a co-op version of the same mechanic where friends can join you in clearing levels.

Souls DNA

Early reviews tend to point out how Bloodborne is similar to the studio’s other work on the Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls games, although its creators promise easier gameplay that will appeal to a wider audience.

When you have a hit game it’s easy to ride on the wind of your success, but not for the reasons we usually think (i.e. easy money). Using the existing team of experienced developers and artists, game assets and storylines, sequels can be made much faster than the original titles and already have an established narrative they can build upon.

Bloodborne is not a sequel to the Souls games because Sony apparently wanted a new IP. This gives the team a lot of freedom to take what worked from their first series and drop baggage in order to create an entirely new but similar experience. Let’s hope they’ve taken full advantage of the opportunity as this game hits shelves.

Bloodborne is Survival Horror

What used to be villagers lunge out at you, beast versions of the people they once were. Crows perch while ominous creatures watch you from the inside, tops and sides of buildings. You will want to have surround sound to play this game; try not to jump at the sounds made by ghoulish creatures when they rush out at you. Hear the click of the trap under your foot before a giant log swings down and snuffs you out.

Yes, you have a gun but it’s your skill with the blade that will get you through this. At best your bullets stun and slow enemies while you get your slashes in. No armor to protect you – when you lose damage hit back quickly to regain life. The game intends to keep you in the action relentlessly.

Bloodborne Release Dates

Release dates for this game are:

North America – March 24, 2015
Europe – March 25, 2015
Japan – March 26, 2015
United Kingdom – March 27, 2015 (sorry, guys!)

Since a lot of people have felt let down by the amount of remakes and remasters for the PS4 so far, Bloodborne should be a welcome platform-exclusive title.

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