Game Development is a Real Job

The game industry is worth more than $20 billion. We love playing games, talking about games, and even making games. Jobs in this field are among the most in-demand and highly-paid in the world.

So why are people still surprised to learn that not only can you be a “game developer”, you can make a great living in game development with a terrific career progression?

As someone who makes his living creating games, both real games and social games, I struggled for a long time to come to terms with the dismissal I received from people working outside the field. Back in the 2000s people got excited if you could make web pages but so much as mention an interest in writing games and eyebrows were raised.

Lonely Programmer; this is often the case in game development

Lonely programmer (image by Bennett)

Game Development Should Not Be Looked Down Upon

It’s easy to buy into the “right way” when all the people around you are re-enforcing the same message that games are something you grow up from. If you are learning to program so you can make games, the thinking goes, you are just indulging in a hobby rather than taking a serious step into work.

Not long ago, TechCrunch published a piece about a child who was made to sit out career day because the teacher didn’t believe his choice of “game developer” was a real job.

Getting on With Game Development

How do you get over the hate you are getting from an unsupportive network? For me it was all about ignoring the downers and doing the work that I wanted. You don’t need anyone’s permission to pursue projects you enjoy.

If you want to get into game development, the most important thing to do is to build up your main skill, whatever it happens to be. Whether it is music, programming, art, film or writing, everything goes into making games these days. The key is to come up with an idea and run with it, get noticed and get talking with other people who share your passion.

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