God of War 3 Remastered For PS4

These days are full of great news for fans of remastered games. Who wouldn’t want to relive those fun experiences with way better graphics? While we wait for the pipeline of new franchises and games that take advantage of the latest PlayStation’s graphical capabilities, it’s nice to see a polished take on an old favourite.

Anyone who has worked in software can tell you that your project is never over. You work hard and hopefully ship a great game, but there are always mechanics to tweak, graphics to improve, concepts to explore.

God of War is a few years away from its release. We can read between the lines and expect to see a new instalment in the franchise. In the meantime Santa Monica Studio has done a spit-shine on this award-winning title in time for the first title’s tenth anniversary.

Is God of War a Worthy Remaster?

God of War 3 was one of the most graphically sophisticated games on the last generation PlayStation console – will it really deliver a noticeable visual improvement in its new PS4 incarnation? If the video above is true to form… yes, it very well could.

When we think of remastered titles we always compare to the great masters like Super Mario All-Stars. The shift from 8-bit to 16-bit graphics complete with parallaxing backgrounds and chip-backed musical numbers set the standard for how games of this type are designed and built. Likewise, the DuckTales NES-to-XBox 360 remake was successful in taking a fun experience from an older platform and keeping its essence while upping the graphics to levels expected by today’s gamers.

DuckTales and Mario All-Stars did not happen by accident. Neither game invented the look of its new graphics, unlike God of War which is on its own for this release. Mario has Super Mario World to draw on, while DuckTales had the cartoon series and feature film. Both titles had a strong visual identity even fore hitting TV screens; when we saw them our expectations weren’t defied, they were reinforced.

God of War is different because the visual look it carries was entirely created by its past titles, including its past success. It doesn’t have the luxury of supporting titles going onto the new platform. If it is going to impress us it is going to have to do it through its own merit. If the Santa Monica Studios team is able to keep the fun alive and bring something new and eye-popping to the table, they will have achieved a huge victory and set themselves apart as a group than can both talk the talk and walk the walk.

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