Fable Legends Supports Cross-Platform Play

Lionhead Studios announced the upcoming Fable Legends game will support multiplayer between XBox One and PC platforms.

Lionhead is promoting PC and XBox compatibility as a big feature but I don’t really understand what the big deal is. Is there such a huge difference in the codebase between the two that makes it such a big accomplishment? Network communication is platform agnostic. Hopefully the developers have built their game using the same source code across platforms rather than re-implementing features (which would cause incompatibilities between each version).

So two Microsoft-based platforms, both using Unreal Engine 4, both using DirectX and talking to each other is (hopefully!) not a very impressive technical feat. It’s more marketing talk, saying “Hey look – if you buy this game you can play it with other people who also bought it.” Yay?

Teaser Video

Besides the shaky bit about playing with friends on other consoles, Lionhead released this gameplay video showing some of the visuals from the new game:

Fable Legends Will Let You Play as the Villain

One of the more interesting features teased at in the trailer is the ability to play as a villain in both multiplayer and single player campaigns. Instead of the traditional 3rd person view, when you play as the villain in Fable Legends you control a birds eye view of the map and control enemies, traps and the final boss faces by the AI or human-controlled heroes.

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