Konami Delists Itself from the NYSE

Konami has voluntarily delisted itself from the New York Stock Exchange. It is still trading in London and Tokyo, but no longer considers it economically justifiable to maintain a presence in the American market.

Although the company says the move is purely financial and not related to the dramatic shake-ups Konami has been in the news for lately. The vast majority of trading has been done outside of the United States, so rather than maintain the overhead of SEC compliance the company has decided to discontinue trading on the NYSE.

Games Not Primary Business

Although in North America we are more familiar with Konami as a game publisher, gambling machines and fitness clubs are responsible for the majority of the company’s profits.

While there is no official news from Konami about what (if anything) the delisting means for the future of their games business, there are a lot of rumours and speculation. Clearly the company is doing some kind of major re-structuring in order to let one of their top performers disappear and cancel work on important franchises.

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