200cc Difficulty Hits Mario Kart 8

Speed demons rejoice! 200cc mode is coming with downloadable content on April 23.

As if the 50cc, 100cc, 150cc and mirrored 150cc speed levels weren’t slapstick enough, the new 200cc class promises to push your kart speeds to the extreme (extreme, at least, for go-karting).

A New Difficulty Level

We thought we were hot stuff when we finally finished Rainbow Road for the first time, until the credits finished rolling and the 150cc difficulty level appeared. Now the CPU karts are sliding on every corner, matching us turn by turn, and acting aggressive as can be.

Each game continued that tradition, adding the mirrored mode. Toad’s Turnpike still brings nightmares of cars and trucks driving straight at us.

Now we are eight games into the series and Nintendo is introducing an even faster mode. The existing modes have been perfectly balanced since the Wii outing, with a good mix of falling behind and catching up preventing massive leads players could get in earlier games. Will faster karts lead to meaner CPU AI and more unpredictable tournament outcomes?

What is a cc? What does “200cc” mean?

A cc is a unit of measurement that refers to the volume of fuel (in cubic centimeters) displayed by the engine in a vehicle. By comparison, your average 2.5L car engine would have a displacement of 2500cc, while your scooter would have a 50cc engine.

In general vehicles must be 150cc or above to be legal for highway use, although companies like Harley-Davidson place a minimum 700cc on highway vehicles sold to the public.

So the 150cc rides in previous Mario Kart games might not earn their drivers a ticket, the new 200cc class would be worthy of commuting to work as long as you were able to avoid random green shells. Of course, crashing into an SUV would be catastrophic.

You would not want to run into larger vehicles at 200cc

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