Super Mario Bros Glitch Discovered After 30 Years

Amazingly after 30 years Super Mario Bros is still surprising us with new gameplay secrets. The latest treat is an unlimited 1UP trick caused by a glitch in the way beanstalks are generated.

The gist is – if Luigi gets killed after finding a beanstalk to coin heaven in level 5-2, the top of the beanstalk pokes through Mario’s world 1-2.

Before you run to your Wii to try this out on the Virtual Console, it looks like the error was corrected since the original release. You need an old-fashioned console and cartridge to make the glitch in the video appear.

Of course, if all you want are unlimited lives, there are a lot of places in the game where you can do that. All it takes is a bit of practice to get the right angle, as shown at many locations in the video below:

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