Until Dawn is Coming Summer 2015

2015 is shaping up to be a great year for fans of horror. The long-announced remake of Stephen King’s IT starts filming this June. Demos for next year’s Silent Hills instalment starring the Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus has been scaring stains into reviewers’ pants. Bloodborne has been challenging and startling players since March.

Until Dawn, first announced for the PS3 before vanishing, is a contender for the survival horror category. With an expansive script encouraging you to make different choices each time, this game is bound to provide hundreds of hours of entertainment.

Emergent Horror

Until Dawn’s plot focuses around eight teens vacationing in a cabin in the woods where they find themselves stalked by a sadistic killer. Each of the thousands of decisions you make, even the trivial ones, lead to radically different outcomes.

This game promised to deliver Heavy Rain to the extreme, with truly Butterfly-effect magnitude consequences to your actions deciding who lives and who dies as the story unfolds.

Motion Controls

Until Dawn makes use of motion controls which have been something studios seem to forget the PlayStation is capable of. Tilting the controls left and right adjust your character’s walking direction and in-game choices. Tapping the right top button and turning your controller lets you rotate objects to examine them more closely.

The motion control comes honestly enough. Until Dawn was first announced for the PS3 back when Sony and its peers were jumping on the Wii’s motion control bandwagon. Back then we thought every game should have that “get off your couch” play, and we got a lot of trash out of the deal. Fortunately, it looks like the studio has brought the best lessons of that era forward for Until Dawn.

This kind of physical feedback to your movement is tricky to pull off but gives games so much more personal depth. This is, of course, why we love our iPads so much. Sitting down and touching the screen gives you a much more intimate experience by removing layers between yourself and the Internet. Horror thrives on intimacy; because you are in control of your character with your fine motor movements rather than just through the dignitary of a tiny stick, you are invited to lose yourself more completely into the gaming experience.

Executed properly, this is a recipe for a terrifying movie that you are drawn into while at the same time in control of.

Until Dawn Release Date

Although no release date has been given, we expect Until Dawn to hit shelves around June based upon data entry errors by online retailers in Europe.


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