Bloodborne is Deliciously Lovecraftian

It’s no secret that Bloodborne, like many of today’s games and movies, draws inspiration from a huge list of sources, not least of which is Lovecraftian Horror. This style of horror focuses on the cosmic unknowable; man’s place in the vast universe is so infinitesimally small that his greatest achievements are worthless.

The characters in Lovecraft’s stories often brush against the thin layer between the world we know and the inconceivable (often horrible) truth just below the surface; often these characters go insane in the process. Cosmic horror isn’t frightening because of evil things happening to people; it’s frightening because of the awareness of the universe’s total indifference toward humans.

The creator of this video explains how Bloodborne not only invokes Lovecraftian allusions visually, but how the game stays true to the depth of the style through its actual game mechanics unlike other games featuring this genre.

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