Capcom Sees Payday in HD Remakes

What does the future of Capcom look like?

HD Remakes and Digital Downloads, according to its financial briefing.

Apart from their push into the Chinese market with partner Tencent (is there anything Tencent doesn’t control, these days?), Capcom’s big plan for the future is to take existing titles, slap on HD graphics, and distribute as downloadable purchases according to its latest financial brief.

Whatever you may think about HD remakes versus new property, they sell like hotcakes. These are tempting for publishers because they don’t have to re-develop the entire game; leading to quick short term cashflow from players looking to recreate a fun experience.

The problem I have with this strategy the short-sightedness of milking existing properties for more cash. As fun as it is to replay those fun games, I start to question the value of paying full price again and again and again.

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