Gamer for President?

Would you want a gamer for President? According to Senator Ted Cruz if he were to be elected to the White House, America would have exactly that.

According to People, Senator Ted Cruz admits to being a closet gamer. He’s even made it up to level 207 in Candy Crush Saga, and enjoys playing on the iPad with the kids. Apparently he was quite a night owl during his university days, with endless nights spent playing “Japanese fighting games”.

Not sure what we should make of this. I classify it somewhere between a “that’s nice” and “why is this news?”.

When it comes to the presidential elections, everything is spun for public consumption. Famously, President Bush’s iPod playlist was subjected to psychological analysis. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a candidate would want to let it be known they played video games, after all we can only related to them if they do the same things as us normal people.

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