Gamers Are Professional Athletes

If the thought of gamers as professional athletes makes you smirk, look no further than ESPN’s latest coverage of Blizzard’s Heroes of the Dorm tournament.

The training regiment may involve hundreds of stationary hours rather than gruelling sweat, but proponents argue that “cyber athlete” is a real thing.

Computer Games Are Not Athletics

I have to agree with Colin Cowherd’s opinion that gaming tournaments have no place alongside real displays of sportsmanship, like football or baseball.

This is unimaginable. Imagine how pissed off we would be if a sci-fi channel played mixed martial arts instead of a beloved science fiction show. Oh, wait.

Athletes of the Mind

Immigration service has on two occasions granted professional athlete visas to professional gamers. Apparently there’s some ground to the idea that the intense competition and strategy required for game tournaments is as taxing on the mind as curling is on the body.

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