Konami Focuses on Mobile

Castlevania on your iPad (the real deal, not the junk puzzle game from 2011)? Konami has decided that since mobile devices are closest to us, they will be the focus of the company’s development efforts.

Whatever is going on at Konami, they seem committed to chasing profits from mobile games rather than consoles.

The company has been in the news recently over its decision to cancel the highly-anticipated new Silent Hill franchise entry, and its sudden disappearance from the NYSE. Now it seems like wants to jump on Nintendo’s bandwagon and deploy a more titles to phones and tablets.

We’ve already seen our favourite games watered down into casual timers for the Facebook and mobile markets, will Nintendo and Konami go that route with their IP, or do they have something unique to bring to the table?

Is There a Future for Mobile Games?

Nintendo has said they intend to release 5 new games to mobile devices and make each one a hit – a promise that would just be marketing hyperbole from any other company.

In a world where publishers chase the “whales” – that is, the small number of high-paying customers who pay the studio’s bills – these companies will really be going against the grain if they hold true to their stated goals of delivering fun experiences that appeal to everyone.

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