Life Is Strange

I took a shot in the dark on ‘Life is Strange’ on Steam – and was very impressed.  It is a five part interactive story set in a sleepy Oregon town, built along the same lines as Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead – however, it tells an original story set in a world that feels very nostalgic.  Definitely worth a go for the low price.


I’m a big fan of these types of games – they’re a slower pace for the user, but more involving story-wise.  Many games have neglected engaging stories in favour of action sequences and the ever-hated button-press sequences of cut scenes (I’m looking at you Call of Duty), which makes games that truly have that ‘movie’ aspect doubly great.

The game has a unique approach in which the user had the ability to ‘rewind’ time, and correct mistakes.  This is important because the user’s action should impact the way things play out, and even minor decisions can have consequences – for example, in one sequence, failing to open a window will result in a bird smacking it dying.  There were no immediate results that I could see, but for anyone who ever saw the movie ‘Butterfly Effect’, we could only imagine what will happen!

So, if you like a good plot, looking for gameplay that is a little more ‘King’s Quest’ and a little less ‘Need for Speed’, have a look at Life is Strange.




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