Looking at DirectX 12

A lot has been said about the capabilities of the hardware inside gaming consoles, but we don’t buy these things because of their specs. We buy consoles to play games. It doesn’t really matter what graphics chipset is running (hint: they are all based on Radeon), what matters is the software running on them.

Consoles have a lot going for them as dedicated game machines and media centres, but if you want to see where the future is you need look no farther than the latest PC developments. Most people don’t have screaming rigs with 4 graphics cards, but those that do are serious about their craft and are seeing what console gamers will be enjoying five years early.

In this video, Square Enix shows off what is possible using DirectX 12 to create cinema-quality interactive scenes with millions of on-screen politics. The results are stunning.

This is what happens when powerful hardware meets technical software development and skilled art.

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