Vincent van Gogh meets Virtual Reality

The VR Jam contest is underway and some incredible pieces are coming out of it. For developers, Virtual Reality is the new Mobile; the shiny toy that we all want to find a compelling real-world use for.

One developer from New York wondered what it would be like to step into a painting by Vincent van Gogh; the results are incredible.

Van Gogh in 3D

van Gogh meets Virtual Reality

The Night Café is one of van Gogh’s masterpieces. It depicts the Café de la Gare, an establishment that provided shelter to those who could not afford or were too drunk to stay at local inns. Using contrasting greens and reds for the walls and ceilings, the artist expresses feelings of oppression and hopelessness in the room’s inhabitants.

Bringing Art to Life

The Virtual Reality treatment gives an interesting take on how the rest of the café environment may have looked. Objects that were hidden from sight, a piano, more sitting area and even the outside of the building are shown using van Gogh’s distinctive colour palette.

Van Gogh himself is seen seated and enjoying a pianist’s sombre melody with a drink and casually strolling to a window to look outside. The migraine-auras around the lamps pulsate and glow, and the stars in the sky (not visible in the original painting) dance with oily-looking brush strokes.

If you are using an Android device you can download and try this for yourself here.

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