Would You Play Cartridges Again?

Everything old is new again as retro gaming continues its march across the market. The editor of Retro Magazine is wagering that now is the right time to introduce a cartridge-based console that will let today’s consumer focus on the game and not all the other bells and whistles we normally find tacked onto the “big” consoles.



One of the¬†coolest things about our NES is its longevity. We’ve had this thing for close to thirty years and we can still plug it in and play it today. I’d like to see your XBox do the same thing in 2030.

The creator of the Retro VGS thinks the strong showing of indies on the big consoles alongside widespread support for retro-inspired gaming signals an opening in the market for an old-fashioned cartridge-based system.

We’re not talking about those cheap Famicon clones that emulate old cartridges; this is a system that uses solid state drives for the new millennium complete with USB controllers and if all goes well new instalments in old favourite series.

Would you give up your console and play new 16-bit games? What do you think of the current retro gaming fad?

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