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So another E3 has come and gone, and with it we are witness to whole slew of new and exciting things.  This year we certainly were not left wanting, with some of the biggest footage including titles like Fallout 4 and Uncharted 4 (those particular captured my interest the most).  But overall, what else did we learn?

Games.  Games was the definite focus in this E3.  It’s been astutely noted in the inter-webs that previous E3 had had a tremendous amount of focus on hardware, with relatively little in the way of new reveals.  Such will be the norm, I suspect, each time we enter a new console generation.  However, this year, the gaming gods were generous.

Fallout 4 looks great, and there’s full gameplay footage that gives us some great ideas.  The gameplay to me looks like a polished Fallout 3, which isn’t a bad thing in my mind.  I, and many others, loved that game.  They’ve added some features such as the ability to put together your own settlements and a more ‘natural’ character creation that attempts to make it more part of the game, rather than a preamble in the form of supporting dialogue and action.

Uncharted 4, looks like an Uncharted game.  Check mate.  Ghost Recon: Wildlands looked to turn the Ghost Recon formula more open world, and there may be some great potential there.  Rainbow Six: Siege revealed a bit about the plot, though that game seems multiplayer focused.

Horizon: Zero Dawn caught me off guard, and I was impressed.  It looked all new to me, and the preview blew me away with Hollywood-movie style wow factor.  The premise is a post-modern civilization game, where mankind is starting all over again, only in a world with robotic herds of animals?  Alot to be revealed yet, but, it certainly piqued my interest.

The big talk was The Last Guardian.  I will admit, watching the footage of it, I was just not impressed.  It’s an action platformer with a boy and his befriended griffin-monster maneuvre through ruins that made me think of Tibet monasteries.  There were some definite neat ideas – I think the griffin monster the boy goes with could be an interesting gameplay dynamic, but… overall I was not wowed.  But I’m openminded.

Mass Effect: Andromeda and Assassins Creed were heavily featured.. and although I’ve been a fan of these franchises.. I was underwhelmed at this point.  But, time will tell!  If you are interested in the big ‘flops’, Check it out!


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