Star Wars: Battlefront 2 And Micro-Transactions

Another year brings another broken gaming model. This time it takes the form of a beloved franchise in Star Wars: Battlefront 2.

These days we’re use to games that break out of the box and companies that release tons of garbage that could have been programmers’ weekend projects.

When you pay $60 for a new game from a top company you expect a full gaming experience. You don’t expect Farmville-style up-selling spam. So gamers were rightfully angry when they found out Battlefront 2 would ship with a pay-to-win storefront (game companies are calling this a “mechanic” now).

The Open World Trend

Open world!  Go where you please!

This was the promise of the future.  What we wouldn’t have given back in the days of Donkey Kong Country to have been able to free roam across DK Island with the promise of new levels to be had… new loot (and bonus level barrels, of course).  Back in those days, theera of the 1990s when the video game hobby was really finding its feet and jumping into an obscure late-night tv commercial thing to a generational standard – oh what amazing machines our Super Nintendos and our Segas were – we were fixed on pre-determined path by our video game designer overlords.  Except for the occasional warp pipe, we progressed from level one, to two… to three.

To Digital or not to Digital?

I remember the day, back in the wild times of the mid ’90s, when we were still amazed by Mario Kart 64’s whole eight character roster (Wario, playable?  Wow!).  Back then I’d rush home from the store as fast as the city bus would get me there (not very) – and pop my brand new shiny cartridge into the ’64.  Boom!  New game, product complete, fired up in all its early 64bit 3D glory.  Two years later, that game would be just as was then – awesome.  No patches required.

Star Wars: Battlefront Trailer Revealed Today

Great news for Star Wars game fans. DICE Studios showed off a trailer for the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront at the Star Wars celebration in Annaheim today, and it looks great.

Star Wars Battlefront to Debut in April

If you were on the fence about picking up a PS4, this might be the reason you were looking for to make the jump to the next generation of consoles. All signs point to the new Star Wars Battlefront game targeting only the newer consoles.

Goldeneye 007

It had been brought to my attention recently that a remake of Goldeneye – the N64 classic – is in the works.  It will feature Daniel Craig though.  This project is something I intend to follow.
New Wii Goldeneye!

Perfect Dark: Xbox 360

Photo0012I had a chance to try Perfect Dark’s port on the Xbox Live Arcade the other day (sells for about 800 points), and it is everything you remembered from the N64 version – awkward controls and all!  My buddy and I played a few hours of multiplayer, and I felt at home again. The port has Xbox Live compatibility, but I can’t speak too much about the modes since I spent my time in the offline part.  Back in the day, I spent many hundreds of hours hunting the arenas in one shot kill mode of Perfect Dark as my alien-headed President character, and it’s great to play the game again.

The Saboteur Review

155I recently had time to play Pandemic Studio’s final game (they were shut down) on the Xbox 360.  I will admit that I knew very little going into this game and did not have high expectations.  I never was one for Thief or other games that encouraged you to not be seen – I have this nasty habit of sticking out like a sore thumb when I should remain unseen.  The name ‘Saboteur’ implied that this was a game that might not be for me.  I am pleased to report that I was very mistaken.

Casual Bruisers Welcome in Borderlands

At first glance, Gearbox Software’s Borderlands title appears to offer not much more than standard post-apocalyptic shoot-em-up. The unexpectedly strong sales for this game are justified; read on for a casual gamer’s take on this title.