To Digital or not to Digital?

I remember the day, back in the wild times of the mid ’90s, when we were still amazed by Mario Kart 64’s whole eight character roster (Wario, playable?  Wow!).  Back then I’d rush home from the store as fast as the city bus would get me there (not very) – and pop my brand new shiny cartridge into the ’64.  Boom!  New game, product complete, fired up in all its early 64bit 3D glory.  Two years later, that game would be just as was then – awesome.  No patches required.

He shoots he scores

November 29, 2010

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He shoots he scores

This year’s annual iteration of the old Canadian came of puck came out recently.  NHL has been a very succesful series the last few years.  It seems since it was revamped in 2007 (for the Xbox 360) it has improved a great deal each year.  NHL 11 is no exception to this recent trend.