To Digital or not to Digital?

I remember the day, back in the wild times of the mid ’90s, when we were still amazed by Mario Kart 64’s whole eight character roster (Wario, playable?  Wow!).  Back then I’d rush home from the store as fast as the city bus would get me there (not very) – and pop my brand new shiny cartridge into the ’64.  Boom!  New game, product complete, fired up in all its early 64bit 3D glory.  Two years later, that game would be just as was then – awesome.  No patches required.

Konami will be focusing on mobile games

May 16, 2015

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Konami Focuses on Mobile

Castlevania on your iPad (the real deal, not the junk puzzle game from 2011)? Konami has decided that since mobile devices are closest to us, they will be the focus of the company’s development efforts.

Play as a monkey in GTA5 for the PC

May 11, 2015

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Grand Theft Auto Goes Ape

We love Grand Theft Auto so much that it was the reason we bought a PlayStation 2 in the first place. The newest instalment in the franchise doesn’t disappoint with its blockbuster movie-style budget and expansive world. The game gets even weirder/more fun when played on a PC because of the opportunity for wacky mods.

If the Silent Hills cancellation got you down, at least you can explore a snowy ghost town not ordinarily available in GTA5 with the help of a mod. Not interesting enough? How about becoming a flying monkey with a machine gun that shoots cars instead of bullets?

May 10, 2015

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Would You Play Cartridges Again?

Everything old is new again as retro gaming continues its march across the market. The editor of Retro Magazine is wagering that now is the right time to introduce a cartridge-based console that will let today’s consumer focus on the game and not all the other bells and whistles we normally find tacked onto the “big” consoles.