May 28, 2015

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Truck Carrying Splatoon Amiibo Stolen

A truck carrying a shipment of Special Edition Splatoon Amiibo has been stolen in Europe. Tough luck, says Nintendo to the hapless customers who pre-ordered toys that will never arrive.

Should Schools Police Video Games?

Should young children play video games that were intended for adults, like Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty? Is it appropriate for them to be exposed to that level of violent and sexual content at a young age, when their notions about what is right and wrong, real and fantasy are still being formed?

Who is responsible for making that call? Should parents be the ultimate authority over what their children do in the privacy of their homes? Should schools and governments step in to enforce “correct” parenting and activities for children?

A recent letter sent to parents in Cheshire country in northwest England has caused controversy by suggesting parents who allow their children to play violent games would be reported to the authorities on suspicion of child neglect.